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Book: Kerala-Gods Own Country

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Kerala books, Kerala-Gods Own Country “Kerala – God’s Own Country” is a innovative travel book rich in information – pleasant reading both for travellers and for those who enjoy taking trips from the comfort of their armchairs.


Katrin Aedma, a freelance journalist, writer and coach, describes her interesting experiences in Kerala; explains why things work as they do there; where to go, and what it’s best to avoid; how to enjoy the wonderful wild nature of the country to the maximum; how to address the people of Kerala and their culture; how to find temple festivals and be part of them.


The author describes the art of Kerala – kathakali dances, kaleri martial arts, snake boat races and elephant rituals, the principles of ayurveda and the activities of the healers who have mastered their skills over the generations.


The book takes a glimpse at the wonderful flora and fauna of the region, the coffee and tea plantations, the integration of local tribes in the modern world, the war against plastics, the harmony of various religions, wild elephants, birth and giving birth, school education, burying rituals and the Babas, the true and the false ones.

The text is laced with myths, recipes and jokes.


In addition to interesting travel stories, it includes suggestions for an itinerary and descriptions of all the 14 Kerala regions; directions to hotels, well-hidden ayurveda clinics, temples, textile and jewellery shops and many other important points of interest. At the end of the book you can find easier words in the local Malayalam language, descriptions of Kerala food, the local currency (Indian rupee) and the Malayalam calendar; and useful tips for planning a pilgrimage.


Special thanks go to the members of the Junior Chamber International India whose invaluable support has helped Katrin Aedma to take a peep at the places that ordinary tourists don’t usually visit; to call on local families and to learn to know this multifaceted culture.


Another book of Katrin Aedma, “14 Days in Goa”, fascinating and useful reading both, is the diary of a 14-day training seminar in Goa. Readers have praised the author’s skill in depicting, simply and without being judgmental and opinionated, the everyday life of Goa.

There is an abundance of interesting facts and exciting recipes.

“14 Days in Goa” will be published in English in 2011. A Russian edition is also in the pipeline.


“Kerala – God’s Own Country” will be published in Estonian in 2011 and a revised edition in English in 2012.

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