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Book: 14 Days in Goa

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Goa Book, 14 days in Goa, Katrin Aedma books A practical and hands-on travel guide for everyone who is interested in India, and above all, in Goa. "14 Days in Goa" gives the true and interesting picture of a training seminar in Goa at the beginning of 2010. Besides the diary of a 14-day trip to Goa, Katrin Aedma, a globe-trotting coach, freelance journalist and writer, offers the reader bits and pieces of the history and culture of India and Goa – interesting everyday events alternate with local recipes, myths, Oriental gods and the description of Goa’s flora and fauna.


The author explains how people travelling to India, and to Goa in particular, should tune their minds; what to take along and what to leave at home; where to go and what places to avoid; where to be careful and how to fully enjoy their trip to India – what to pack in the suitcase; how to fill in the visa application and arrival card; what the best time is to visit markets and temples; how to understand local bank-notes, and how much money to take along. You’ll learn from the book what the difference is between a male and a female pineapple, how to avoid hassles with monkeys and why to be cautious with an elephant who seems so gentle.


Readers have praised the book for its comprehensiveness, practicality and versatility. They appreciate the additional educational information, recipes and the fact that the author hasn’t been judgemental and has given readers an opportunity to decide for themselves.


The book is useful for those who have visited India before as well as for those who just enjoy reading an ‘edutaining’ book!


Heldur Allese, a travel agent who has organised exotic elite trips for 15 years says, “If Lonely Planet, a great travel companion, is most people’s favourite, then we can expect the practical and hands-on handbooks written by Katrin Aedma to become even more popular! The books include travel descriptions, educational and interesting general information; things that are useful to know in advance such as knowledge about food names and the usage of the local language, as well as recipes, local beliefs, jokes, etiquette and other interesting facts. It doesn’t contain information that will be out-of-date soon such as bus and train timetables, but includes all the necessary references for planning your trip either independently or with the assistance of a travel agent. This is an enjoyable book for all travellers either in reality or in their dreams.”


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